Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spotlight: 3 Legged Dog Ink

Lyndsey Monroe Marston of 3 Legged Dog Ink creates unique drawings in ink and colored pencil. Her artwork celebrates nature and animals, through simple lines and bold colors. A Maine native, Lyndsey is inspired by the woods and waters near her home. Lyndsey began selling her artwork in 2009 while at home caring for her dog, Enza. 3 Legged Dog Ink is named for Enza, and Lyndsey continues to draw her as a way to remember her now that she's gone. Original drawings as well as prints, greeting cards, and holiday cards are available at www.3leggeddogink.com and in the Creatively Maine shop this holiday season!

Lyndsey Monroe Marston, Artisan
3 Legged Dog Ink

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