Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spotlight: Essentials For You: Aromatherapy for Life

Essentials for You: Aromatherapy for Life is a local business in Belfast, Maine that focuses on the safe use of essential oils to support the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives and also the health of the environment. The owner, Diane Braybrook, is a nationally Registered Aromatherapist with no affiliation to a particular company. Her products include environmental sprays, skin friendly body oils, personal inhalers and diffuser blends. She also does consultations, speaking engagements and educational classes.

You can find Diane on facebook and on her web page, Essentials for You.

Check our Class/Demonstration Schedule to sign up for Diane's class on Stress and Essential Oils.

Diane Braybrook,
Registered Aromatherapist

Essentials for You: Aromatherapy for Life


  1. The most aromatic booth neighbor in our summer art market in Belfast! Lovely, useful products, great stocking stuffers and presents.