Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spotlight: Gentle Meadow Goat Farm

Gentle Meadow Goat Farm - Goat Milk Soap

COMPASSIONATE FARMING. EXCEPTIONAL SOAP. Working alongside my pet dairy goats, I use their milk to create a variety of handmade goat milk soaps that appeal to everybody in the family. My soaps include natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. In some products, I add natural ingredients for color or essential oils for scent. GOAT MILK is the #1 INGREDIENT in most of my soaps! I make my cold-process soaps from scratch. Because each bar is handmade, there will be slight variations from bar to another, which makes each one unique! These soaps are perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies! In fact, these are the customers I keep in mind when I’m developing new recipes. If you have any questions about my products, please contact me.

I pride myself on the compassionate care of my farm animals first and foremost. I believe that healthy, happy animals create the best quality soaps.

Compassionate Farming is My Passion!
- Mother goats raise their kids!
- Breed every other year so that the moms get a long break between when they stop milking and when they are bred again!
- I only collect milk that is leftover after the kids have what they need. I do not separate kids from moms!
- Lots of human interaction and environmental enrichment with a large, diverse pasture!
- No-kill policy! They have a safe home here!

Please, visit Shea and her lively herd of dairy goats at the Gentle Meadow Goat Farm web site, visit their Etsy Shop and find them on Facebook!

Shea Rolnick, Artisan
Gentle Meadow Goat Farm

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