Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spotlight: Tricia Griffith Arts

Tricia Griffith Arts

I have been drawing since I was five years old, and spent my childhood drawing stick horses and coloring on the margins of books. In school, my notebooks were filled with more doodles than notes, and art was my favorite class. My largest body of work is a collection of nature inspired watercolors, but in recent years I’ve been focusing on creating three dimensional art using corrugated cardboard and acrylic paint. This results in colorful acrylic paintings that literally pop out of the canvas, ranging from trees to birds and other animals. Each piece takes many hours to create, but the collection grows steadily.

I also offer commissioned pet portrait artwork in graphite, colored pencil and assorted paint mediums, and have been expanding my love of photography-including candid farm photos, product photography, and of course plenty of nature photography.

I have a degree in graphic design, but my true love is just freely creating art. Nature and wildlife are my biggest inspirations, and most of my work features trees, animals, or organic abstract images. I like my art to be organic, spiritual, and evoke feelings of peace, passion, and spirit. Art is a spiritual, creative, and healing journey for me, and I hope that my work brings a bit of that experience to its viewers.

Tricia Griffith, Artist
Tricia Griffith Arts

See more of Tricia's creations on her web page, at her Etsy shop and on Facebook

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