Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spotlight: The Laughing Llama

I launched my business, "The Laughing Llama" several years ago from the comfort of my beading studio on a hilltop in Washington, Maine. The selection of materials and design options for beading are endless. I favor colorful blends of glass, porcelain, gem stones, and natural resources then mix these up with silver, copper, and brass findings. I specialize in making paper beads from vintage wallpaper, nautical charts, pet food bags, and any colorful paper that can be up-cycled. My paper beads are sealed with several coats of non-toxic sealant which makes them water-resistant, but not water-proof. I enjoy braiding cord and silk ribbon using the "Kumihimo" technique which is an ancient Japanese for of braiding using multiple strands of cord and/or ribbon and adding beads to the braid. My newest venture is making copper jewelry on which I emboss and paint nature scenes. I sell in local area shops as well as at seasonal craft fairs where I enjoy seeing my repeat customers each year.

You can find me at The Laughing Llama web site, at our Etsy Shop and on Facebook.

Nancy Carhart, Artisan
 The Laughing Llama

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