Friday, November 13, 2015

Spotlight: Studio Three 14

My daughter and I have always loved creating. So slowly we have been adding to our studio so we can make our own handcrafted jewelry and gifts.

I love making my glass and porcelain ornaments. Sammie and I make brass, sterling, aluminum and copper earrings. I have recently started working with antique silverware.... making earrings, bracelets, and rings. I love mixing my love for antiques and making jewelry.

My daughter, Sammie, is a budding metal smith and she does the scary torch stuff. She makes all our ear wires and does all the wire wrapping as well as having her own line of Hippy jewelry.

My husband joins in and helps us now. He makes our amazing displays to make our items look even more appealing and loves making tools and jigs to help us create new and exciting items. He has even taken a stab at making earrings. His pewter and copper earrings are gorgeous and have been a hit.

Please visit us online at our Studio Three 14 web site, our Etsy Shop and find us on Facebook!

Carla & Sammie Soucie, Artisans
Studio Three 14

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  1. Such beautiful designs--what a gift for all of you to be able to work together!